/homːˑme fəˈtɑːl/

A homme fatale is an alluring or seductive man, especially one who causes women to love him to their own distress.

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donghae and his antics

so coool (TT^TT)

A summary of Eunhyuk and Donghae’s relationship (c)

140726 MBC Show! Music Core Entrance
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11/ things I love about YeolJong: 
Whispering to each other ㅡㅂㅡ


Hoya message to his father

20 days SHINee challenge ]  © 

          → day 3 - bias list ruiner: Kim Kibum


24/24 i’m missing you each day

d-1 to Leeteuk’s return

Sungjong’s cute laugh (๑>◡<๑)

Q: Who is the funniest member?
All: Onew and Jonghyun.
Minho: Together, they are a mighty force.
Taemin: It’s like watching a gag program.

Dream rice 8000kg!!!! Check it at Konabeans!!!! Thank u World ELF!!! welcome back!!!!

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