(mamacita promotion) all stages: Shirt.

Tired Ming bb trying to jump in joy too + hyper Kid Hae

Mamacita music shows all-kill - WE DID IT!

140912 Super Junior - Mamacita @ Music Bank

Look at him, isn't he cute?

140911 kimheenim: During <Sukira>, there were many questions asking if the part “We as one, forever~” in ‘Islands’ was really sang by me. After we recorded, we would gather to listen to it. And that part in ‘Islands’ appeared!! and everyone asked, “Who is this?”. The funnier thing was, even I was curious about it kekekeke Then, Donghae passed a remark. “Heechul-ee hyung has always been great at high pitch”. Kya~ This kid has great taste. Just then, the one beside me, Ryeowook-ee said.. Ah but I need to go get my makeup done now so I’ll continue writing the rest later keke This photo was taken with KimGyu KimGyu Cho Kyuhyun, the one who made me feel touched by saving the ‘Jasmine Flower’ which I sang on <YoungStreet> 8 years ago in an MP3 and carrying it around. #Islands (cr)

Eunhae doing the donghaek cosplay


Leeteuk T&IG Update | 140911 

@special1004:..It’s you..~Teukhae~

@special1004:..In tam..


Get to know me meme | Favorite male biases [1/?]

      ↳    Lee Hyukjae — Super Junior

"Thank you. Since our debut in 2005, we’ve only been running while looking straight forward. If we have only been focusing on the speed till now, from now on we will study and work hard on the direction, not the speed, of where we’re headed to, so that we can become a ‘long-run’ (group). I hope the viewers feel at least a bit of happiness while watching us, and our members and staffs are working really hard right now, preparing for concert right after comeback. I’d like to thank them again, and we will become Super Junior that is more humble and hardworking. Thank you." - Leeteuk (